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The chemicals in our water do affect our brain (dementia / alzheimer’s type symptoms) as well as poisoning our body.  This  overloads the system so it can’t eliminate waste properly therefore contributing to  a breakdown in the body’s chemistry & allowing or feeding cancer.    

Kangen water has been in the Japanese hospitals for the past 40 years.  The 3 most important properties of this water:

 .#1 Kangen water has an ALKALINITY of 8.5pH, 9.0pH  9.5ph and 11.5pH 

  #2 Kangen water has a SMALLER MOLECULE in the shape of a snowflake.  It is known as hexagonal water and made after the same structure as glacier water. This specific structure penetrates the cell wall 100% hydrating your body completely, at the same time detoxifying your body of toxins and acid waste.

#3 This, in my opinion is the most important property of the water:   Kangen water is full of ANTIOXIDANTS. You can not eat enough fruits and vegetables to get any where near the amount of antioxidants that's in one glass of Kangen water.  Green tea is a -80 antioxidant. Kangen water has an antioxidant value of -800(anti aging)!

The first video on the Kangen Enagic water:

Dr. Corrine Allen, Your Brain on Water


This will last one hour and 30 minutes.

This is a video of what doctors are saying about Kangen / Enagic water.


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