Hi Dr. Steward, here is a quick summary of my "health  story," and I am happy for you to post this on your website, Facebook, or whatever else! -Lizzie

A year ago, at this time,  I thought that I might be dying.

At 25 years old, I couldn’t run or enjoy the activities I  loved because dizziness forced me to hold onto things as I walked and I suffered from progressively increasing fatigue.   

I went to a neurologist, psychologist, ENT

 doctors – but all with no answers.

I prayed for healing and I thank the Lord that He answered those prayers through Dr. Cindy Steward. We found that I had Lyme  disease as well as several other issues contributing to my symptoms.

After treatment with Dr. Steward, I am grateful to report that I am back at work and enjoying   vigorous runs with my dog.

It’s amazing to feel well again!

    -Relaxation -stress management
        -Weight Loss
            -Pain Relief
                -Lower blood pressure
                    -Improved circulation
                        -Skin purification
                            -Wound healing
                                -Cell health


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​Food Allergy Testing

What we offer you:

Functional Medicine to decrease pain and suffering.  

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain relief

​Hyperbaric Oxygen

Self Mastery Technology

Increase Your Brain Power

Our technology is a powerfully effective brain/mind development tool designed to help you overcome the ill effects of the fight-or-flight response while achieving physical, mental and emotional balance.

This extensively researched light & sound technology creates a perfect symmetry of sound frequencies and light synchronization for the ultimate in binaural brainwave entrainment and relaxation. The combination helps guide your brain to a perfect balance of left/right brain synchronization and relaxed brainwave activity. In other words, it produces the relaxation response, giving your body precisely what it needs to get back in balance and reverse the effect of stress on the body.

At the same time, the  sessions that power your brain, guide your mind to a state of laser-like focus so you can rid yourself of negative self-talk and achieve life goals!

Four Technologies in One Life-Changing Device!

Light Frequencies

Flashing light patterns train the brain to operate in the best mode for creativity, focus, and mindfulness. This brainwave entrainment can transform the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish just about anything.

Binaural Beats MP3

Imbedded tones guide the brain into states of deep relaxation. Within minutes the brain reaches extraordinary levels of focus and performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.

Self Mastery Technology

This helps listeners create a new self-image as a healthy, happy, optimistic person who no longer lets small things turn into stress. 

Mind Relaxing Music

The music on every session is designed to create a full 360 degree experience that floods the mind with beautiful, serene thoughts and images.


The brainwave entrainment technology, used in combination with the specially encoded sessions, provides a variety of benefits such as:

           *Strengthen your immune system
  *Boost DHEA, serotonin, GABA, melatonin, and beta-endorphins
           *Reduce cortisol naturally and restore your body's natural pH
*Rid the body of excess adrenaline
           *Access a deeper meditative state without years of disciplined practice
*Increase mental clarity of thought and develop your intuition
           *Eliminate insomnia & enhance sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized
*Reduce your stress, worry, frustration, irritability, & moodiness while achieving emotional stability,                         psychological balance, and mental harmony
           *Attain the right mindset to achieve your life goals
  *Eliminate bad habits, fears, and phobias
          *Significantly decrease negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses
*Explore and expand your self esteem awareness and higher states of consciousness
           *Attract and learn how to manifest your desires
 *Achieve a whole-brain state for enhanced concentration, memory and recall

Neurological Brain Training for Mind/Body Healing

There is a growing body of compelling evidence for the supportive role
visualization plays in achieving the mind-body connection and facilitating
healing.  Visualization directly influences the body by relaxing muscles,
slowing heart rate, decreasing blood pressure, strengthening the immune
system, and improving neuro-chemistry, which together produce an
optimal healing environment.

Neurological Brain Training for Focus and Motivation

This is a favorite with those who strive for peak performance.  With
programs to enhance learning, improve sales performance, master a sport, get super fit or even attain greater wealth, we can provide the right mental rehearsal and mind-set to get there faster and with less effort.

Hemisphere Synchronizationfor Maximum Benefit! By combining Brain Training Audio Sessions with today's MP3 digital music players, users can experience  dual-voice visualization system - a unique recording process with two separate voice tracks spatially placed to synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Deepen meditative states
Reduce mind-chatter
Gain inner calm and balance
Become logically creative

The Safe, Natural Solution!

Will Neurological Brain training work for me?

Almost anyone can use this to visualize and create the life changes they desire. Your imagination and a reasonable commitment are all you need to get excellent results.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! The two components are 100% natural and have no side effects . . . unless you count more restful sleep, a boost in energy, enhanced memory and focus, and an overall sense of wellbeing!

Does Neurological Brain Training really work?

Yes! There are dozens of scientific studies that prove the power of the mind.

The Oasis of Health (512-626-2332) in Texas offers these treatments as a means of pain control for all types of pain, learning disabilities, Autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD, OCD, sleep disorders and so on.  

Now there is relief for children with Autism 




Learning Problems


To​Toxicity Testing

T​Cranial Nerve Testing

Oasis of Health

​Terri S:   I wanted to let you know, Haley (my   daughter)  is working very hard taking the   meds (nutrients)  and using them faithfully.  She is seeing results on her legs. 

She is very happy and excited. 

Thank you so much for helping her out:)


​For:  Sinuses & Sleep Apnea

CFR has been used quite successfully in the treatment of various neurological and structural disorders. The objective is to mobilize the bones in the face and cranium and to open up the breathing passageways with the purpose of mobilizing the cranial bones and facilitating normal cranial function. CFR often succeeds where other forms of conventional treatment have failed.

Neurological Brain Training

Oasis of


​Nutritional & Dietary Counseling

​Wellness Pro Plus

"Thermography does not bear the diagnostic burden of Cancer - It is not the job of safe infrared temperature-taking to diagnose Cancer.  No, nor does Mammography diagnose Cancer, but it is the purpose, function, and role of heat imaging to observe inflammation.  It is far more important to observe inflammation, at the beginning, than it will ever be to observe late-stage-detected Cancer, near the end."  Dr. Jeff Prystupa
Call today to schedule your thermography session.

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

  Judy P.  said:  

Thank you SO much!​  I wanted to let you know my legs feel better than they have in WEEKS!!!! 

Look forward to seeing you next week.

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