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Dr. Cindy Steward

When things go awry in the body it can cause insulin resistance, weight gain,  belly fat, fatigue, lethargy.........

Thousands of people experience debilitating pain from numbness, tingling, shooting, burning, electrical pain each year....Our clinic gives relief from these symptoms. 

One of my patients typed up her story and handed it to me on a Monday.  She said she was going to post it on Instagram but didn't have a Facebook page. She asked me to post this on my Facebook page and my website. Here is Claudia M's story: 
"My name is Claudia and I am 54 years old and my family and I use natural remedies as often as possible. In fact my husband, daughters and I haven't been to see a medical doctor for sickness in over 10 years. 
When I was first recommended to Dr. Cindy Steward I was in pain from my neck down to my lower back from an accident that I had in the early 90's that broke my pelvis and twisted my back. I thought that I had healed correctly but later found out that wasn't the truth. 
I was at a point where I was in pain all the time and nothing would help. I worked with Dr. Cindy for about a year and was making great progress with chiropractic, muscle memory, hyperbaric oxygen, sauna and table treatments and I was finally feeling more myself than I have in several years. 
One day Cindy was working with me and said to me that she had done as much chiropractic adjusting for the pain as she could up to that point and said to me: "Your pain is emotional." I had never heard of that before so she recommended 1 session of emotional therapy with her and after the heaviest, most emotional cry of my life I understood what she was talking about. I never thought that emotions can cause pain, but I found out how important cleaning them can be. If Dr. Cindy Steward recommends emotional therapy, please try it, and believe me it sounds crazy, but it is such a big relief off the soul that I highly recommend it. 
I guess the main thing I want to say is that Dr. Cindy and I have become friends over the last few years. She really takes care of the whole soul and body with so many different techniques that I never even knew existed and I have felt so much better thanks to Cindy. 
If you're in Pain, please give Dr. Cindy Steward a real chance to change your life."

Back to me (Dr. Steward): I had to go learn a new technique to help Claudia because her case didn't resolve with standard care. She had been seeing a different doctor for over a year so I didn't see any reason to continue with the same type of care that wasn't working. The new technique worked wonders on her. It was extremely gentle - which is what she needed because so was in so much pain.

Naturopathic care is a central component of any health & well being plan.   We address the fundamental cause of disease & teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine. 


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